Male rape and the patriarchy  

Trigger warnings for: rape and abuse.

Okay. So I was really bothered by this story of this Russian woman who held the man who had attempted to rob her salon captive as a sex slave.
Now before I go on, a lot of people are saying this story is a fake. I don’t care, as the story isn’t actually the problem.

If this is true, what she did to him was inexcusable. Period. She beat and raped him for three days with no food. And the. “to keep the lesson going” she fed him Viagra. Then, she PAID him, fed him, and then let him go.

This, if it was a female who got raped and detained for day,would be a never ending parade of feminism and women’s right. Not saying that’s wrong. But….

I started looking at the story online and the comments really, really bothered me.

"I bet that man just thought it was easy to target women. He’ll never do that again! EPIC WIN!!!"
“Can I get that address?”
“Why would he report himself? She’s good looking, I don’t feel sorry for him.”
“He’s stupid for reporting it. What an idiot!”
“You go girl!!!”

These, among others, really, really, bother me. This man was RAPED. Raped.
I am disgusted with you humans. Men, I promise that being raped isn’t just lolsuprizesecks! If you really want to be raped for three days, against your will, begging for it to stop when the shine of lolsuprizesecks! has worn off and she refuses and you have no idea when you’ll be free, or if you’ll ever make it out alive from this, then you know what, go right ahead. Tell me how that works for you.

Women. Are you actually kidding me? It’s not funny that a man was raped. I don’t care what his actual intention was. Rape, is never deserved. This isn’t funny. Women on national tv make fun of this. And it’s okay. No one got mad at them for it. What is wrong here?

And I got to thinking. If this really was such a big patriarchy and oh poor poor women, why is male rape made fun of, and ALLOWED to be made fun of on national tv? If the roles were reversed, there would be lawsuits upon riots. You are not allowed to speak or even portray anything bad against women. Period. Doing so is costly. But it’s okay to do it to men. It’s okay to victimize men, because they have all the rights, amirite? Oh and it’s okay to laugh at male rape, and male victimization because it doesn’t exist and it’s only women that suffer in this patriarchy.


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      All of this. I really don’t care if the story was fake. All I care about is the fact that the rape of a male isn’t taken...
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      THIS. Even if the story was false and complete lies, the comments are enough to break my heart. Some men I know that are...
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      While I understand and agree with your point on how feminism is, this actually has nothing to do with feminism. Unless...